Sierra Black – A Bio

Sierra Black 2012

  Some artists are just born with a gift and an innate desire to share that gift of music with the world. Sierra Black is certainly one of those people. The 19-year old beauty started singing when she was 6-years old and has never lost that fire to entertain. She seems perfectly positioned, geographically, to do just that, as her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada is by some measure the entertainment capital of the world. Recently she was a top finalist for the Glee Project on Oxygen, but it was an introduction to Nashville producer/songwriter/musician Kurt Howell that really kicked her career in to overdrive. “My vocal coach, Ron Anderson, introduced me to Kurt and we began writing together,” she said. “Kurt really helped me become a better writer. I feel like I have progressed considerably since I began writing with him. He helps me open up and write in a way that others can relate to the stuff I am writing about.” Black says that she writes about what she knows whether it be her own experiences or those of others around her. “I have songs about boys of course, heartbreak and even one about politics.” Howell and Black clicked writing on such a level that he travels to Vegas to write with her about once a month. “We write so well together. I have kept journals my whole life. And he helps me convey those experiences that I have had in these magnificent songs,” she confides of their marathon songwriting sessions. Black has inherited the gift for phenominal performances from her grandmother Babette De Castro, who was the youngest member of the singing trio of Cuban born sisters called the De Castro Sisters. They hit the top of the Billboard charts in 1954 with “Teach Me Tonight.” The sisters appeared on many TV shows including the Ed Sullivan Show and sang songs for many motion pictures throughout their successful career. Ms. De Castro’s granddaughter is determined to continue the family legacy of great entertaining. That makes it especially poignant that Hollywood has come calling now with Black on the heels of her success with the Glee Project. “I have been auditioning a lot for TV and film,” says the very photogenic teen. She says that her grandmother’s memory and her extraordinary career are never far from her mind. Although the De Castro Sister’s were a Latin infused group, where Black is clearly country, the natural ability is still obvious. Black’s career dreams include surpassing her grandmother’s excellent chart positioning of seven Billboard hits and being signed to labels like RCA, ABC and Capitol. The real challenge is going to be for her team to narrow down her wealth of material into a 4 or 5 song demo that showcases her unique talent the best. The singer says that they recently went back in the studio and cut 6 more gems making the job of selecting just a few even “harder”. Howell says, “Sierra has an amazing quality to her vocal and she has really come alive as a songwriter. We have a good problem to have that we have a lot of great songs to choose from at this point,” he says of the recording sessions they did at Oceanway Nashville. “We were able to record in Studio A at Oceanway which made Seirra feel like the star that she is. We also were fortunate to have the A-list musicians on the sessions so the tracks sound amazing.” Black now comes back and forth to Nashville to record and further learn the ropes of the music business. That coupled with a stellar showcase the young performer gave earlier in the year has created quite a buzz about Sierra Black!